Making the decision to renovate a rental property can seem difficult. Afterall as a landlord, renovations to rental properties can be unnecessary expenses. However, the reality is small, simple updates to a rental property can provide several benefits that keep potential renters interested.

So, before you decide to undertake a larger renovation project, look below at what best to avoid renovating in your rental space.

#1 Granite Countertops
These may seem like the optimal choice for kitchens, but the importance in rental properties is based off the longevity of any renovations made. Not only are granite countertops expensive but they can also scratch easily on lighter stones. Instead, opt for the quartz, marble, or laminate counters that are both more affordable and durable.

#2 White-on-White Bathroom
From the sink to the walk and fixtures, white-on-white bathrooms sounds like a good idea to attract potential renters, but these types of bathrooms only always look good when they are kept clean. Unfortunately, not many renters always keep their bathroom spotless meaning more upkeep work for you once the tenants move out. Instead, try neutral colors for your final bathroom design.

#3 Distressed Cabinets
While distressed cabinets seem like the right design path to go, they can make your home seem old and outdated. Instead choose neutral, darker tones for your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Your rental space will still shine, and you will be able to continue attracting potential renters.

The goal of these renovations is to keep your rental space looking brand-new and refreshed. While larger renovations like bathroom and kitchen updates seem like the way to go, the truth is far simpler. Renovating the most outdated sections of the property is usually all it takes to keep attracted potential renters while keeping the property aligned with the current market value.

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