The CEO, Michael Rademaker, and President, Dana Rademaker, of MGR Property Management were recently interviewed by ABC News & Talk regarding their opinion on the current direction of the market.

Michael Rademaker discussed some of the new dynamics growing in popularity in the office market, such as having employees completing a 40 hour work week within a 4 day week. “People got used to taking their kids to the doctor during the week, shopping when it wasn’t so busy, and to not having as much traffic and general congestion,” Michael shared. Dana expanded on that topic to emphasize that “We are always going to need people to physically be in certain work spaces. You cannot always do a doctor’s exam remotely and you cannot always do certain classroom activities remotely.” Although there are changes to the commonly accepted work schedule, this does not eliminate the need for businesses to have a professional sector for their employees and clients.

Watch the rest of the video below to hear Michael and Dana Rademaker’s commentary of the current evolution of their industry, professional growth opportunities in Southern California, and how MGR remains a strong competitor in the market.


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