Mayra Caro has been a property manager for almost 10 years with the last three at MGR property management. She manages commercial office spaces for MGR, which includes over 1,000,000 square feet. She started off as a receptionist for a small company in Irvine and eventually worked her way up to a property manager role. Caro enjoys working with commercial office buildings because it is where she learns the most and encounters the most challenges; there is a new opportunity every day.

As MGR continues to grow as one of the largest property management companies in Southern California, Caro is proud to be a part of its increasing success. Her position at MGR gives her opportunities to work directly with tenants, businesses, vendors, and professional organizations, like BOMA and IREM. Caro has expanded her network and finds it incredibly valuable to communicate with her peers in the industry to share experiences and increase her own knowledge.

In property management, Caro describes her day to day as always busy and never the same as the last. She comments on the unique scenarios she comes across on a daily basis that always keeps the job entertaining and educational. A successful experience for Caro is not only a happy tenant, but the opportunity to work on lease renewals directly with the tenants. She has the advantage of already having relationships built with the tenants as well as the daily communication. In her time at MGR, she has completed a great amount of lease renewals as the property manager.

As the property manager, Caro knows that you usually get the complaint calls, not the “great job calls.” She always approaches any concerns with a problem-solving attitude. She advises anyone who is seeking a career in property management to be strong minded and master the art of multitasking. And for those who may be hiring a property management company, to understand the invaluable nature routine inspections can be for your investment. They prevent long lead times for tenants and reduce costs.

Outside of the office, Caro is kept busy by her family, including her husband who serves in the United States’ Military and two young children, Jacob (6) and Mia (4). She enjoys spending time with her family through school activities, sports, and theme parks.

We are grateful to have such dedicated property managers like Mayra Caro who truly make our business run so tremendously. Due to their efforts, we can continue to grow throughout Southern California, giving our employees even more opportunities to expand upon their own professional growth. We look forward to continuing work with Mayra in the future.