Imagine this. You get a call at 6 p.m. Your tenant anxiously informs you there’s a leak coming from the ceiling in Suite 110 in a commercial office building you own. You live in Orange County and the building is located in Victorville. You start to think about the one roof repair company you know of in the High Desert. Was it even in the High Desert? No, it is in Riverside. Who can you send to your location? You know this tenant needs rapid relief because it’s a high traffic office, and who wants to see a bucket in the middle of the reception room? You spend a couple hours calling around to vendors you see on Yelp. No one is available. Oh wait, they have an availability but they’re charging a fortune. Should you just go fix it yourself? It can’t be that hard to patch a roof.

No one is winning in this scenario. The owner has wasted precious time in a fruitless effort to find a quality vendor, while the tenant sees no benefit and is starting to wonder if the owner is going to tend to the situation at all. Not to mention the amount of damage the leak has already done on the carpet and ceiling tiles. Hiring a professional, full-serve property management company is the most effective way to mediate this situation. They can be there when you can’t, and they have built relationships with vendors throughout many regions to be able to service your tenants, even during the most inconvenient times.

Having exceptional connections with quality vendors is a pinnacle to our success at MGR Property Management. On any given property, residential or commercial, we are always prepared to handle any type of issue that arises, giving tenants and owners peace of mind. We have built relationships with vendors for almost four decades and we only use vendors a second time if they hold up to our quality standards because we want to provide the most efficient, cost effective service possible every time. This is not even to mention that because we work with so many owners, our vendors often give us discounted pricing which is cost savings passed on directly to our owners. It isn’t always industry standard, but we work tirelessly to treat your property as it was our own. Don’t let this be your reality, give us a call today.