MGR Real Estate is a top performing commercial brokerage with a large number of diverse and talented real estate agents throughout Southern California. Agents of MGR have been awarded local and statewide recognition for their contributions to the commercial and residential real estate industry.

While many agents were successful this year, MGR’s real estate agent, Daniel Valenzuela, was awarded as the Top Producer of 2021 for the brokerage. Daniel began his career with MGR Real Estate back in 2009, and has since developed himself as a top performer in the company and in the industry.

“When I started out in this industry, I wasn’t a college scholar,” Daniel shared regarding the beginnings of his career, “I was an average Joe. I was hungry to learn the business, I was brave enough to ask questions, and I was lucky enough to have good mentors.”

Many real estate agents begin with an interest in commercial real estate but are unsure where to get started. Brokerages, such as MGR Real Estate, often offer training and mentorships for developing real estate agents to help enter the field. However, agents often realize that it requires a great amount of expertise and determination to maintain success in the industry.

“These are the things that drive me,” Daniel expressed regarding his motivations in his career, “I feel blessed to have a supportive family and at the end of the day, I do it all for them.”

Daniel has taken and developed his career in commercial real estate to encompass the retail, industrial, and office market. His perseverance through challenges and ability to weather changing market conditions has made Daniel an impressive agent in the industry and we are honored to have him as a member of our team.