MGR is always looking to add more value to its clients, employees, and community. Recently, we have taken on a large construction project in Ontario, California. As with anything we manage, we make every effort to always go above and beyond expectations. From quality of construction to timing, we ensure every step is executed with precision and care. Our current project is no different. We are managing a full, Title 24 upgrade to an existing facility, bringing it new life and tremendous benefit to our community.

Throughout these 28,000 square feet, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to create a unique, high-quality space. We have worked around the clock to ensure that we not only meet our quoted timeline of ten weeks, but strive for the utmost efficiency. With their help and the leadership of our team at MGR, we are on track to finish this project in five weeks. This is an almost unheard-of statistic.

Our Title 24 upgrades include equipping the building with eco-friendly and efficient qualities, such as LED lights and switches, computerized HVAC systems, and much more. Almost every piece of electrical equipment will be stripped and replaced during this effort to do better by our community and promote an environmentally-friendly infrastructure we can all be proud of. California continues to lead the country by making strides in building sustainability, which not only positively affects our environment, but our pocketbooks. These enhancements have demonstrated great costs savings of commercial electricity rates and reflect an improved carbon footprint.

We are looking forward to continuing projects at this site, like installing electric vehicle chargers, making ADA access more available, updating landscaping, painting, and paving. With each upgrade we bring more and more value to this development and we are looking forward to having this influential office space in our community. As property managers, this is a fantastic opportunity to show our owners and landlords that the more you invest in your property the greater return you will see. Real Estate is changing just as fast as we shop, eat, and drive. We will always remain at the forefront of innovation to best serve our clients by offering the most cost effective and valuable attributes in their investment. Keep an eye out for this project when you’re in the area. You’ll be just as excited as we are.