When one thinks of commercial property management, one of the first things to come to mind are the tenants and the administration that goes into assuring tenant satisfaction, but what about the building itself? While some things in the building might need ongoing maintenance, like keeping the windows clean or keeping the landscape clean, it’s important to maintain the entire building as freshened up as possible before they start looking a bit faded or aged.

Here are some ways you can keep our property in constant good repair.

Parking Lot Maintenance
The first experience potential tenants and customers have with your building is the parking area. If there are any issues with the parking area like full of cracks or potholes, it may come across as uninviting. Be sure to perform basic parking lot maintenance such as regularly filling holes in the asphalt, adding cameras for safety, or even by being more creative and incorporating like EV charging stations.

Building Aesthetics
Taking a step back and carefully looking at your building can help give some perspective on any potential repairs it needs to seem more appealing. A simple annual cleaning with a power wash, a new coat of paint, or some added landscaping features for curb appeal can help make your building seem clean and presentable for all those driving by.

An Inviting Lobby
Your building should continually seem inviting for all those walking in, the lobby is one area of a building which should not be forgotten. Try to create a warm and welcoming feel by making giving the lobby a fresh look throughout.

Wondering what else you can do to ensure your building’s appearance is updated? Ask one of our property managers! Each one of our managers is directly trained to ensure all our buildings are constantly going through regular maintenance.