Today, many companies are using technology in different ways and are transitioning to online payments. It is particularly important now as a means of social distancing. At MGR, we know maneuvering through these uncertain times has become a crucial aspect of our day to day lives, that’s why our team is focused on making this transition as simple as possible for all our clients. Our new Tenant Portal has never been easier or more accessible for documents, online payments, and virtual statements.

We are encouraging all our clients to use this online feature to help our small business continue its fight against COVID-19.

Simply remember:

Simple & Easy: Technology today allows easy access to all online forms while making online payments easier. Safely access property information forms and virtual statements on your Tenant Portal today!

Limit Exposure: Other payments, such as checks can increase exposure to COVID-19 to not only yourself but to our MGR Team as well. That’s why our Tenant Portal can be used towards helping the continued use of social distancing techniques.

Mailing Isn’t Social Distancing: Although mailing in your payment may seem like a good idea, it’s important to realize one still needs to purchase envelops, stamps, and interact with your mailman. Our Tenant Portal ensures the only interaction you have is your computer!

During these times, paying online is more valuable than choosing to use a physical form of payment. Paying from the comfort of your home helps maintain social distancing rules and helps our society stay healthier.

Continue working with us as we work to help limit all possible exposure to COVID-19.