People invest their money in many different ways. It’s the best way to set yourself up for success and keep you from being completely reliant on single-source income. It prepares you for a better retirement, and may be something you pass on to your kids. Real estate is a fantastic way to build your investment portfolio; however, many people wonder “are rental properties a good investment?” Often when you don’t have experience, you feel in over your head. The costs start adding up and it doesn’t look like it will pan out. You have to measure the opportunity cost of the property itself compared to the work you are willing to put into it. You start to learn that much like a new puppy, you can’t just leave it alone and expect it to behave.

Although commercial and residential property investment can be the difference in whether or not you’re able to retire comfortably, pay for your kids’ college tuition, or afford your parents’ in-home care as their health declines, it all means little without the proper guidance. With almost 40 years of property management experience and managing clients’ investment portfolios, we have seen, heard, and been through it all. Definitely not an understatement. As a new investor, are you prepared for anything to happen at your property? Probably not. Everything will be on a learning curve and you will make mistakes. Some people say it’s a part of life, but we say it doesn’t have to be because we can bring our experience to the table and help mediate the risks and resolve the challenges you face with ease.

At MGR, we make sure you get every benefit. We assess your property for possible improvements to increase its value, find reliable tenants, and make sure all our vendors are insured and qualified. And did you know you can claim property management on your income taxes? We even provide a 1099 at the end of the year to our clients to make filing taxes even easier. We work hard on your investment and treat it as if it were our own. That’s why our clients trust us. When you start thinking about investing, consider property investment and consider hiring a property management company with the experience to help you navigate this new venture.