Why do people choose time and time again to live and work in the Inland Empire? It isn’t what everyone imagines to be quintessential Southern California, like the beaches in Orange County, but it can offer so much more for every day, hard-working families. It is undeniable; the Inland Empire has been demonstrating significant growth and development for years. Even as the national economy begins to show signs of slowing down, “The outlook for the Inland Empire economy in 2019 is good,” said Robert Kleinhenz, Executive Director of Research at the Center for Economic Forecasting at the University of California, Riverside. “We expect continued job growth in most sectors and expect the unemployment rate to hold steady near its record low.” At MGR, we are proud to be a part of growing the Inland Empire and helping our communities thrive. We have been a partnering, inspiring, and leading the development of the Inland Empire through building environmentally-friendly and high-quality infrastructure that attracts new businesses and families.

With a more affordable market, lower operating costs, and an identifiable need for more innovative development, the Inland Empire makes a perfect fit for any business model. That being said, businesses are in good company here. Take a look at the success of arenas, like the Citizens Business Bank Arena and luxury shopping experiences, like Victoria Gardens. No longer do Inland Empire natives need to trek to Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego for entertainment when it is in their backyard. However, maybe you commute to work in Downtown Los Angeles from the Inland Empire. In other instances, its simply convenient to have a stay-cation in San Diego or take your family to Disneyland for the day in Anaheim. Luckily, the Inland Empire is nestled in a group of freeways, making connectedness easier than ever before. It’s the best of both worlds, with the affordability of Inland Empire and the easy proximity of urbans hubs.

It’s no wonder the Inland Empire is experiencing such immense growth. Many people are joining in on the bandwagon and our experts at MGR are here to help. We are excited to help guide your business and family through maximizing your investments and experiences in the Inland Empire.