Buying a new home can certainly be exciting, but what do you do right after signing all the paperwork? Before rushing to move-in, there are in fact a few quick fixes you can make to your newly purchased home to make it the ideal home for your family.

Take a look at these small fixes:

1. Change the Locks
You’ve gone through the long process and you’ve signed all the necessary paperwork, but if the home really yours yet? In truth, one cannot be sure how many people may have access to the keys of your home. To be safe, change the locks throughout the home, even of the small things, like the backyard shed.

2. Give the Carpets a Deep Clean
Even if the previous owners left the home clean it is always good to have professional cleaners stop by for a quick cleaning of the carpets. Carpet steamers kill germs and any leftover pet dander, so you can be sure your home is truly clean before moving in.

3. Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors
Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are typically checked during home inspections; however, a lot can happen between the home inspection and the move-in time. To be sure all is working as it should, change the batteries across all smoke alarms before moving in.

4. Check for Moisture Stains
Home inspections should check for any issues throughout the home, but moisture stains can at times remain elusive even to inspectors. Give your new home one more once over before settling in to ensure there are no stains.

5. Paint
You have not moved in yet so there is no stuff in the way this is the perfect time to paint your new home! Walk through your new home and visualize if you would like to change any of colors.

Be sure to walk through these steps before getting too comfortable in your new home. But if you have not found your new home, please contact one of our agents at MGR today! We are ready to help you in the home buying process.