If you are buying a new construction home, there are many ways to increase your peace of mind and make your home goals come to fruition. We know you are looking for everything to be just right when constructing your dream home. You want everything to be done right the first time and do not have time for unforeseen project delays or cheap warranties. We have put together a quick list of some of the most important steps you may want to consider when you are buying a new construction home.

1. Negotiate creatively. Generally, builders will not want to negotiate price with you because it will set a precedent down the road. Instead, negotiate for upgrades or warranties, tangible parts of your build that are an equivalent asset. In this situation, it would be ideal to have a savvy real estate agent on your side who is experienced in new construction builds to help guide the negotiations.

2. Things are not as they seem. While model homes can be a great starter, they are not the end all, be all your new construction build. Model homes often have luxury features that may not be in your budget or design. Always keep in mind that costs can change as your project moves further down the road and availability can change.

3. Research the builder. Everyone is going to have positive and negative reviews of their company; stick with your research to weed out the facts. Make sure the builder is reliable and is responsive down the road after your build is complete, like dealing with warranties. Alleviate any looming concerns about the building process.

4. Get an inspection. New buildings need to be properly inspected too. Make sure everything is up to code and safe. You do not want to be fined down the road or have to make significant changes to your design because of something that was overlooked from a lack of a proper inspection.

5. Envision your neighborhood. Discover what the surrounding area is planned or zoned for. The city will have information about a future space and what will be built or leased there. Even traffic planning can be a huge part of a development.

We’re excited you want to build a new construction home. This is a great opportunity to get exactly what you want from your dream home. We suggest doing as much research as possible and hire a reliable agent who can help guide you through the process. Please reach out to an MGR representative with any questions.