Property management isn’t just about collecting rent checks and fixing sinks anymore. Tenants and owners expect more value than what is considered industry-standard. With new adaptions in technology and evolving innovation, property management companies are determined to offer more. There are different ways we have worked to be the most exceptional property managers, like offering online rent payments and low-cost vendors. However, as we continue to grow, we have learned many companies are forgetting a critical element in their service and that is building community. We are so grateful to be working with each of our owners and tenants and want to show them our appreciation by bringing everyone together for community events.

This summer, we kicked off our food truck series. At many of our property office buildings, we have been organizing various food trucks outside, from burgers and ice cream to sushi and tacos. This a unique opportunity for our tenants and owners to interact with us as their property management company and also their community. With commercial property, there is often limited contact with the surrounding neighbors. We are excited to create a space where people can mingle and enjoy the company of their work community.

Additionally, it is commonplace for tenants to have little relationship with their property management company, but we are working to change that narrative. We want our tenants and owners to know exactly who to communicate with and be met with quick results and a friendly face. By fostering this trust and creating experiences with our tenants and owners at these food truck events, we are growing closer to our goal.

Our food trucks have been a great success. We have been able to meet new tenants and create positive experiences through this communal gathering. Absolutely, we will continue to keep pace and be forward-thinking when it comes to technology and improved services, but nothing compares to the importance of maintaining a cohesive community.