In our experience, flooring provides a simple way to keep properties looking fresh and new. However, the question always remains, what type of flooring is the better choice carpet or vinyl flooring?

Look & Style
Luckily, both types of flooring provide different looks and patterns for design versatility. Due to the dying and tufting process, carpets offer options for either more color choices or pattern choices. Whereas with vinyl flooring, there are more options for both color and patterns, as well as the opportunity to replicate the natural look of wood or stone through 3D printing technology.

Durability & Stability
Vinyl flooring is a highly durable option. Unlike hardwood floors, vinyl is more resistant to scratching, denting, or chipping. With increased resistance, vinyl floors do not need to be replaced as often as hardwood or carpet. And vinyl floors are water resistant – less worry about staining or warping.
Carpet provides a soft surface for playing and walking around without the chance of slipping. However, it will not withstand heavy objects dragging over it, as it will more likely pull up and need replacement every few years. Another drawback to consider, carpet is not water resistant. It will require regular maintenance to ensure dirt and household spills don’t cause long-term stains.

Function Is Key
While you may be tempted to improve your property to your personal standards, the answer to your flooring selection should be based on the function of the flooring. Vinyl’s multi-faceted, cross-purpose functions are durable and perfect for high-traffic areas such as corporate office space, entrances, and lobbies. Carpet is a more appropriate for personal office space and conference rooms, where a “homier” aesthetic is preferred.
We recommend evaluating all options of flooring and each of their functions before moving forward with a new flooring project. We, at MGR, are always happy to work with you on your next improvement project. Give us a call for more information on how we can help serve you.