Michael Rademaker, CEO of MGR Property Management, was recently interviewed for ABC News & Talk with Yvette Walker regarding the current state of the commercial and office real estate market in Southern California. As a real estate broker since 1983, Michael Rademaker has weathered a variety of varying economic conditions in the real estate industry and is currently one of the largest holders of office buildings in Ontario, CA.
Walker began by asking Rademaker about his perspective on the changes in the office market with regards to the shift in working strategies brought upon by the pandemic.
“We see companies going back to more traditional spacing in the office,” Mike Rademaker shared, “with more social distancing to create an environment that people want to come back to.” He also referenced the office space standards prior to the pandemic, where individuals were often packed into tighter working spaces that impacted their parking, breaks, and other facets of their working day.
Currently, employers are often seeking methods to reevaluate their company’s structure and their working environment. While some companies have continued to maintain the work-from-home or hybrid platform, not all industries can accommodate that. Many industries maintain strict regulatory requirements due to the sensitivity of their information, or their company may require a more personalized approach to their client’s service. These business structures require office spaces that can accommodate a variety of needs for their trade and their teams.
Throughout the interview, Michael Rademaker expressed that he is “seeing companies redesigning, reconfiguring, and creating a more work friendly environment for their employees. They are coming back to work and the majority are pretty happy.”
The landscape of the office environment has changed in the last few years, but the demand for office space still remains. MGR Property Management has remained a leading property management company in the Inland Empire, with a significant portfolio of Class A office buildings.


Watch the full interview here.