When dealing with rentals, the winter months often seem to require more care and décor but what about the summer months? There are several aspects, that as a landlord, you should take into consideration to ensure your rental property is ready for the sudden influx of activity that comes with potential summer tenants.

Let us look at some simple, yet effective ways you can “summer up” your rental property.

Inspect Air Conditioning Unit
California summers are hot, and you will not want your tenants to be without cool air. By inspecting your property’s central air-conditioning unit and fixing any issues, you can ensure your tenants are happy through all those hot months.

Check Windows and Doors
It is important to ensure all a property’s doors and windows work both aesthetically and structurally. For example, you will create a much cooler and lighter ambiance by adding lighter curtains throughout the rental. While structurally refers to ensuring doors and windows open without issues, and there are no gaps that will affect the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

The winter months can have a negative effect on your landscaping due to the cold or just to lack of care. Cutting the grass, trimming bushes, and adding some flowers are just some of the simple things that can be done make your property more attractive and desirable.

At MGR, our team is ready to help you prepare your property for the busy summer rental season. Call your MGR representative for further tips on how to make your property more appealing during this time.