While dealing with pests and rodents may be inconvenient at your property, protocol is generally already in place and a vendor is vetted to handle the situation. If it isn’t, hire a property management company who can help you in this scenario. However, when confronted with a protected, or even endangered, species on your property you must take extra precautions to make sure it is dealt with in a mindful, sustainable way.

In any circumstance, find an expert to identify the problem so they can deliver a responsible solution. Something we run into from time to time are swarms of bees and/or their hives. As we know, bees are an incredibly important agricultural resource. Recently, we had a bee hive forming at our Empire Towers complex. We recognize that eradicating them is irresponsible and the process would be tricky to ensure a safe removal. The expert we contacted helped guide us through all of the right processes of extraction and replacement, which included relocating the Queen bee so that the others would follow after.

It would have been much simpler to eradicate them completely, but as a company we take great pride in serving our community and being good stewards of our resources. It’s why we equip our buildings with the highest energy efficient standards and take every chance to work toward a more sustainable future. We want to be an example to the tenants and owners we work with on how to appropriately solve a problem, effectively and quickly. Taking the easy way out in these situations will do more harm than good. If you have questions about pests, rodents, or endangered species on your property, reach out to your MGR representative and we’d be happy to help.