Being a landlord can sometimes be quite easy but at times it can also be extremely hard. Especially when it comes to dealing with a difficult situation and an upset tenant. Here are some tips on how to handle the most challenging of situations with a tenant.

Remain Calm and Rational
Challenging situations may be difficult to handle for some tenants, but it is the landlord’s responsibility to remain calm and rational. Remind the tenant that you are there to help and find a solution to the problem, but it is best that all parties remain calm to ensure that situation is handled appropriately.

Keep Written Records
Keep detailed written records of all correspondence with tenants is extremely helpful when dealing with a difficult situation and a challenging tenant. It may seem like a bit more work, but a difficult situation may be more easily addressed when there is a record of the steps that were taken to address the problem.

Do not avoid or ignore a challenging situation. Professionalism is key! Try to keep the lines of communication open, this will help you resolve the situation more easily. Communicate with your tenant either by email, text or just by giving your tenant a call. Let them know you are on top of the situation and thank them for their patience.

Hire a Property Manager
However, the best solution is hiring a property manager. A property manager can help you regain some free time and help eliminate any stress that may be building up in your life.

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