MGR Property Management is pleased to honor our long-time team member, Tina Exum, on 25 years with the company as a Community Manager at her apartment complex in Fontana, CA. At the time that MGR began management of the property 25 years ago, there were difficulties with maintenance, rent collection, and vacancies throughout the property. Operational challenges can be intimidating to any seasoned property manager, but Tina was prepared to proactively address any tasks needed to rectify the quality of service and living for the residents.

Tina was a key component of returning the integrity of the apartment complex to its highest potential, allowing it to now operate seamlessly for the tenants and ownership. She has remained a valued team player throughout the years, providing training and support to other communities in need.

"This company allowed me as a single mother of a 4 and 6 year old back then, to freely adjust my schedule when needed. No questions asked," Tina shared, "Because I work for this company, I was financially able to do my part in assisting my kids in their college education. This company also made it possible for me to obtain my degree by being flexible with my schedule without any push back. I thank God for placing me with a company that values me and cares for me."

MGR is proud to have team members like Tina representing the communities for over 25 years and continuing to provide the best quality of service to our apartment complexes and clients.