As property management professionals, we work diligently to perform thorough, routine inspections to keep tenants safe and owners prepared for a variety of circumstances. In California, we understand with an unfortunate familiarity the damage earthquakes can cause. The recent earthquakes we experienced at the beginning of July 2019 were a humbling reminder of what is at stake for California residents. And with the inherent uncertainty of when and where the next earthquake will occur, it is important to always be prepared for the next event.

We have learned time and time again how fragile our infrastructure can be during and after a significant quake. It’s important for our buildings to be secured and protected from earthquake disasters. Over the years, we have better equipped our infrastructure, adapting to evolving technology to improve the protection of tenants and owners. In addition to our routine inspections, we ensure proper inspection of building following an earthquake to report and repair any lingering damage.

Although we are on the forefront of architectural advancements, always keep our buildings up to code, and perform routine inspections, it is still incredibly important to equip yourself with the appropriate tools and knowledge on how best to protect yourself from the next earthquake. Take a look at this article on ways to make sure you are prepared.

Finally, to our owners it is important to protect yourself financially and cover your assets with earthquake insurance. At MGR Property Management, we can guide you through securing your property financially and physically in order to prepare for the inevitable next earthquake.