When renting a residential space, most people tend to think first of college students and young adults, but what about the older generations? As older adults continue to downsize and search for apartments and other residential properties, it is important to maintain special considerations when renting to elderly tenants.

Consider Keeping the Rental Space Pet-Friendly

Older adults love keeping pets in their homes for companionship, as pets often provide emotional comfort and pets can help make them feel less lonely. By maintaining a pet-friendly rental space, elderly tenants can become more enticed in the rental properties offered.

Ask the Tenants to Provide Emergency Family Contacts

Obtaining emergency contacts for elderly tenants can easily become very important. If an elderly tenant is faced with an emergency, you will be able to find a reliable person to assist them. If you prefer to take the information of non-family members, an alternative is taking the contact information of a preferred doctor or hospital.

Create a Senior Friendly Environment

Typically, elderly renters will want to procure a rental space where they will like and feel comfortable around their environment. Normally, older adults will enjoy privacy and quiet nights from loud, nosy neighbors. Be sure to remain considerate of the placement of their rental space.

At MGR, we constantly keep these three factors in mind when renting to elderly tenants. Contact a representative today with any questions or further help on tending to elderly tenants.