When something goes awry or you’re looking to make improvements at your investment property, there are usually three things you look for in a contractor or vendor: timeliness, effectiveness, and lowest possible price. You need it to be taken care of quickly and done right the first time. You don’t have time to revisit the same issue every other month. If you aren’t working with a property manager, this can be difficult to navigate. Costs seem outrageous and the mixed reviews you find online are not always encouraging.

This investment was a risk. You do everything you can to maintain it and keep it profitable, but sometimes things are out of your control or you have no way of knowing what is coming next. Hiring a property manager can be helpful because they have seen these speed bumps come up, time and time again. They know how to reroute you back onto the path of success.

At MGR Property Management, we require all of our vendors to be licensed and insured. You won’t get haggled by Handyman Hank whose only training to fix you property’s roofing issue is from a Youtube video. That’s just unacceptable. We have worked with our vendors for years. They give us optimal pricing because of our consistency and since we don’t get a kickback from using their service, all of the savings goes directly to our clients.

It’s important to work with someone you trust because your investments are a big deal. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the never-ending management of an investment property, but with the right guidance it can lead to big payoffs. That’s why at MGR Property Management we always consider your investment as if it were our own.