As more people stay home and shop less, pocket change has begun to be increasingly scarce. The circulation of coins in businesses has decreased as fewer people are willing to use cash to pay for products and services due to the ongoing pandemic.

Today, the coin shortage has affected more than ice cream shops and grocery stores, it has also affected laundromats. Luckily, more companies are becoming creative in how they handle the coin shortage.

Technology has become a great tool in helping ease coin shortage worries, many laundromats are taking advantage of easy pay apps, while others have simply made the switch from coin dispensers to card dispensers.

Considering this challenge with coin usage that many are facing at their local laundromats, having amenities at your property such as in-unit laundry hookups or on-site laundry facilities is of immense value during unprecedented times such as these. Having valued amenities at your properties prevents the tenant from being subject to external economic factors and allows your tenants the comfort of having these daily living needs available within their home or community.